You Must Try This! These Keto Crackers Are Oh So Good!

Third Batch of Soybean Protein Crackers

  • 26g almond flour 
  • 10.5g soybean protein or coconut powder 
  • 7g cream
  • 7g cream cheese
  • 9g butter
  • 3.96g flax seeds 
  • 1.77g sesame seeds 
  • 5.5g tapioca starch 
  • a spoon of xanthan gum
  • a pinch of baking soda 
  • seasoning: pepper-salt-garlic


  • Weigh all the ingredients 
  • Beat egg white on high until slightly stiff. (1-2 minutes) 
  • Add cream, butter, cream cheese. blend until all ingredients are mixed together
  • Add in the dry ingredients to the mixture in the blender and pulse and blend until well mixed
  • Knead dough by hand.
  • Roll out dough between two baking sheets, cut into squares.
  • Poke a hole in the center 
  • Bake at 150 degrees for 12-13 minutes or until golden brown. Don't forget to turn the top resistance and the fan off!

Soybean Protein Flour Crackers

What we’re doing differently compared to the 2nd batch:

The recipe is still the same, we still use soybean protein, almond flour and tapioca starch as the base.

To improve the cooking, however, we concluded that we had to poke bigger holes into the crackers before baking them. We noticed that the crackers were still a little too brown, too cooked; we decided to turn on only the bottom resistance of the oven, and still not use the fan. Thirteen minutes in the oven seemed alright for the 2nd batch.

A problem that we had with the 2nd batch was that the crackers were crumbling a bit on the edge. For the 3rd batch we’re not going to separate each cracker after cutting them; we’re going to bake them as a whole and separate them only after they finish baking.

Result of the 3rd batch:

The result is really satisfying. The color issue is fixed, the crackers are way lighter than the first and second batch. We conclude we’re always going to use the oven with only the bottom resistance, with the fan turned off, for 13 minutes at 150°C.

Coconut Flour Trial:

We wanted to try out baking some coconut flour based keto crackers. We used the same recipe but replaced soybean protein with coconut flour. We put coconut flour in the same proportion as we usually do with soybean protein. We applied the same cooking techniques: same cooking time, holes in the crackers before the baking…

Result of Coconut Flour Keto Crackers :

In the end, the coconut crackers tasted a bit weird. Here at our office, everyone unanimously chose the soybean flour cracker over the coconut flour ones.


We’re gonna go with soybean protein for now.