Mark Wiens Thai Larb Chips

Amazing Thai chips to snack on!!!!
The one thing I didn't like was that the bag ran out way too fast!!! Omg these chips are so amazing! Its subtle in taste yet so distinct. Not at all an overbearing taste but as you keep eating, the more addicting they become. You can taste the slight lime, chilli and thai flavors all on one chip.

Emily Tea, US Amazon Customer

Mark Wiens Green Curry Chips

These Taste Amazing!!!
I cannot get over how delicious these are!! They taste amazing. The flavor is so good, they're so light and crunchy and not greasy at all. We bought these mostly to support Mark, because we think he's the best, so the fact that they're also awesome is an added bonus. You must try these chips!

M, US Amazon Customer

Mark Wiens Durian Chips

Can't just eat one
These are unbelievably yummy!!!! Will definitely order more since the 4-pack wasn't enough. Gone in one day😭

Kahealani, US Amazon Customer