What Not To Do When Baking Keto Crackers

Looking for a simple and delicious keto almond cracker? This one's for you. With only … net carbs it’s surprising how easy and fast you can do it. You’ll just need an oven and a blender to enjoy this amazing recipe.

What Ingredients are in Keto Crackers?
Keto crackers are principally made out of almond flour and Okara, two low carbs wheat-flour-like ingredients. As for the greasy materials, some butter, cream and cheese cream are used. Some egg whites are added to give consistency to the prep, some baking soda for the cooking and xanthan gum for stabilizer. Then you mix salt, pepper, garlic, sesame and flax seeds for the taste of it.

The making
We turned on the oven and let it pre-heat at 160°C during the making of the dough. We whipped the egg whites. We added the butter, cream and cream and mixed smoothly all the ingredients together until we obtained a sort of foam. In another bowl, we mixed-up all the dry ingredients together (seasoning, flours, baking soda…).

We added the dry ingredients into the creamy prep in two times; you can mix it manually until there’s no lump anymore, or you can blend the mixture in order to have an homogeneous dough. We made it manually
Once we had a dough, we flattened it on a clean surface until we obtained a width of about 3 to 4mm. You don’t want it to be too thick otherwise it’s gonna complicate the cooking on the inside.
Then you’ll have to cut the dough into shapes of crackers, it’s up to you choosing the size of them ! We chose to cut them into tiny squares.

We put our tiny raw crackers on a baking sheet, on a tray adapted to the stove, we then put that tray into the oven ! We let them cook for 14 minutes on turning heat.

The result
The crackers we obtained were really good tasting (the garlic was something special), but the color and consistency of it were not matching our expectations : the crackers were a bit too brown and they easily fell apart into a lot of crumbs.

But for a first try it wasn’t that bad ! The result is encouraging and we’ll learn from our mistakes. In order to fix the color, we should maybe turn off the fan of the oven and let the crackers cook a bit less long. Concerning the lack of consistency, we should mix better the greasy and dry ingredients in order to make the dough more homogenous. We could mix them with a blender.

We’ll try to cook them a bit differently next time, and see how this turns out ! Keep you posted !