Mark Wiens' Thai Larb Flavored Banana Chips (5-Pack)


Mark Wiens’ Thai Larb Flavored Banana Chips (5-Pack)

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Nice to meet you, I’m Mark Wiens. I’m an eater, traveler, author, blogger, video host, and some other random things, but mostly I just love to eat delicious food. Being born in Phoenix, Arizona, and growing up in France, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Nairobi, Kenya I believe food is the best way to connect to people no matter where you are. In the hopes of sharing my favorite childhood snack and tastiest dishes discovered through my travels, I’ve teamed up with Banana Joe to bring to you these wonderful flavors.

Thai Larb is a light but flavorful combination of savory ground protein paired with fresh herbs. A Northeastern Thai dish that exemplifies the hot, sour, pungent and sweet flavor balance classic of many Thai dishes.

Always tasty. Gluten-free. Vegan. Non-GMO.

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7 reviews for Mark Wiens’ Thai Larb Flavored Banana Chips (5-Pack)

  1. Diane (verified owner)

    Wow whee; my husband and I knew that if Mark Wiens (we are big fans of his) designed and developed these banana chips, they would have to be exceptional. He didn’t let us down; these are extraordinary in every way. Don’t let the crisp lightness with each chip fool you; these pack a powerful spicy punch! My husband’s and my spice tolerance is clearly not up to par with Mark’s, but they are perfectly spiced to perfection. Funny how addictive they are but a handful is also very satisfying for an exact snack size. Cannot rave about these enough….everything Mark undertakes is 100% awesome. My husband has a couple of his Tee-shirts and they are not only super cool, they are durable and hold up to washings beautifully! Will reorder these once our 6 bags are empty, no doubt. You won’t be disappointed in these banana chips, but delighted!! Thanks Mark for your creativity with this chip perfection!! We adore your YouTube videos, shirts, and now chips. What’s next? With Mark, the possibilities are endless.

    – Diane (//

  2. David Huntley (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious Thai Larb (think chili spice not heat and lime) flavor on unsweetened and thinly sliced banana chips.

    – David Huntley (//

  3. Emily Tea (verified owner)

    The one thing I didn’t like was that the bag ran out way too fast!!! Omg these chips are so amazing! Its subtle in taste yet so distinct. Not at all an overbearing taste but as you keep eating, the more addicting they become. You can taste the slight lime, chilli and thai flavors all on one chip.

    – Emily Tea (//

  4. Mary (verified owner)

    Definitely would buy again. These banana chips are so good, Thai Larb flavor is great and the chips themselves are thin and taste awesome.

    – Mary (//

  5. Lyna Nguyen (verified owner)

    I heard about this from Mark Wines YouTube channel and he made it look so good. The chips were really flavorful and taste like youโ€™re eating a tom yum soup. I high recommend it.

    – Lyna Nguyen (//

  6. Alex F. (verified owner)

    These were so tasty. I can’t wait for the next mark weins collaboration flavor.

    – Alex F. (//

  7. Jeongbum Seo (verified owner)

    This is one of the best banana chips that iโ€™ve ever had! Not overly salty, a little bit spicy, perfect sourness!!

    – Jeongbum Seo (//

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PS: We also wanted to remind you that 10% of profits go towards sustainable organics in Thailand.
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Contributing to raising livelihoods of small scale local farmers (and their families!)
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