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90% of American Children Are Potassium-Deficient. Eat more Bananas!

Less than 10% of American children achieve even the recommended minimum adequate intake of potassium, and 1 out of 5 children lack B-vitamins, due primarily to inadequate plant food intake.

A poll of 2,000 parents of children up to age 10, also found 41 per cent have abandoned attempting to get greens into kids’ diets because they are more concerned about ensuring they eat full stop.

Most of the time, parents fail to understand that children reject new foods – in this case fruits and vegetables – not because they don’t like the taste or texture of them, but because they’re afraid of not knowing what to expect.

An easy way to introduce fruits to children would be by freezing them and putting them in cereal or blend them into a colorful smoothie.


Bananas are a very good start as they are sweet and have a texture that kids aren’t afraid of. They go well with peanut butter toast, cereal, yogurt or ice cream! Plus, bananas are rich in potassium and B-vitamins.

Fruit snacks, given that you’ve read the ingredients and make sure that they are made from real fruit and have clean ingredients, offer a big dose of fiber and energy.

Or, try handing your kid a bag of Banana Joe and see if they can tell it apart from a regular potato chip. More likely than not, they’ll love Banana Joe chips and will be eating a fruit without even knowing it.

We’ve tricked a few kids into loving banana chips. See for yourself!


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